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The Lord of the Rings Stills

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LotR Stills
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how to +

To participate, you´ll have to take the pictures posted and make an icon by your own.You won´t be able to use other images unless the contrary is specified. You´ll need to post your icon by commeting on a challenge post, making sure comments are screened.

Challenges will be started every Thursday. Deadlines will be on Wednesday, and votation will go from Thursday to Saturday.

rules +

  • You will not post your icon somewhere else until voting results are posted.

  • Your name cannot be in the icon, nor the file name.

  • You cannot vote for yourself, nor ask others to vote for you.

  • You can use text, textures, brushes and whatever you want to make your icon a designed icon

  • Animation is not allowed.

  • You´ll stick to the current challenge rules, if there´s any. Even it them go against this rules!

  • Use the images provided, and no others, unless the contrary is stated.

  • Keep in mind LJ´s limits; GIF, JPG, and PNG format. 40kb and 100x100 MAX.

  • If you take any icon from this community, credit the Artist!

submitting +
Upload your icon using Imageshack, Tinnypic, Photobucket, and comment on the challenge. Make sure you are posting the URL ( ex: http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd250/Eleniel_Ryu/ebi_metal.jpg ) and the image itself.
staff + credits

affiliates +

credits: profile codes